Schooling services


We initiate the process with a personalized needs assessment, engaging parents in discussions about the unique requirements of each child. Navigating the diverse educational landscape, we introduce you to the various options available, whether it’s public, private, or international education.

What sets us apart is our personalized advice, tailored to your country of origin, cultural background, and the languages spoken. Practicality is key – we facilitate school visits, arrange appointments with faculty and administration, and guide you through the registration process. 

If interviews are required, Lodge Relocation will ensure that your child’s educational journey is marked by smooth transitions and a strong foundation for growth.


Interviews with accompaniment

The consultant will be in charge of coordinating and arranging interviews with prospective schools and will accompany the family to interviews.

This involves the consideration of the family’s preferences and the unique requirements of each child.

With their expert guidance, the family develops a richer comprehension of the educational setting, participates in valuable exchanges with school staff , and gains helpful insights for making informed choices.