Private clients

Tailored services

Lodge Relocation owns a wide network with the real estate agencies, direct owner connections, and privileged access to off-market insights.

Our vigilant monitoring of the real estate market ensures prompt support from our back office as soon as you express interest in a property.Our accomplished consultants handle lease negotiations on your behalf, while also furnishing you with indispensable information and personalized recommendations for your prospective property.

Rest assured, your dedicated consultant will be personally involved in the pivotal check-in inspection, guaranteeing a seamless and attentive transition process.

With accompaniment of a consultant

Guided by a dedicated consultant, our journey commences with establishing a personal rapport and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your distinctive requirements. We then scour the housing market to identify properties that suit your outlined preferences.

We also help with the process of renting. We create strong applications and work out the rental terms that fit what you want. Our team of legal experts makes sure the rental agreements protect your interests.

We’ll also evaluate the contents of your chosen space, ensuring its optimal condition. Additionally, we’ll handle the establishment of essential utilities such as electricity and internet. This way, you won’t need to worry about the hassles of moving.


Without accompaniment of a consultant

Your consultant will make sure you get all the info you need for each visit. They’ll tell you where to get the keys from the real estate agency and give you the property address.

When you choose a property to rent, your consultant will handle the application process using the right documents and keep track of everything for you.