Our organization

Nationwide coverage

After Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Zug, Lodge continues its national expansion with the opening of a new office in the canton of  Basel.

These 5 offices are intended to serve as a place of work and exchange for the consultants of the canton, to welcome your employees, to sign a lease or to simply discuss the relocation process over a cup of coffee. 

They are also places for networking with all the market players, such as real estate agencies, owners and all our trusted partners.














 The key to a successful relocation…

Lodge always celebrates new events, such as the opening of our new offices (see the photos), with our esteemed partners. These events  are an opportunity to share anecdotes and any exciting new developments.

Real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies, furnished flat rental companies, furniture rental companies, and human resources teams from our client companies are invited to participate at these events. It’s always a great moment of connect and an opportunity to thank our partners for their invaluable collaboration.


Information system

We have a well structured effective information system…

  • The latest Microsoft IT network system-Office effective 365
  • Data storage on SharePoint
  • Teams and OneDrive for front-office interaction
  • Power Apps for mandate management
  • Each consultant has exclusive access to only their client files (GDPR compliant)