Canton of Basel

Welcome to the scenic canton of Basel!

From 1501 to 1833, Basel stood united before splitting into two distinct half-cantons: Basel-City and Basel-Country.

Located at Switzerland’s crossroads, Basel is shaped by its close proximity to Germany and France. Despite its modest territory, Basel exudes a larger-than-life presence. Widely regarded as Switzerland’s cultural nucleus, Basel wears its title as the nation’s cultural capital with an array of forty museums.

The city’s famed Art Basel fair, one of the world’s premier contemporary art events, draws enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe. Beyond the arts, Basel hosts a lively culinary scene, markets, and a range of festivals that celebrate its multicultural essence.



Following Zurich’s lead, Basel emerges as Switzerland’s second most significant economic powerhouse.

As a reflection of broader trends across Switzerland, the service sector has ascended to paramount importance within Basel’s economy. An impressive 80% of jobs are within this sector, as it becomes the center of the canton’s economic vibrancy.

From insurance, banking, and commerce industries to the nurturing arms of the public sector, Basel’s significance finds its expression in diverse sectors that shape its economy.




In this region, around 175,000 people make up Basel’s lively community. The local Basel German dialect reflects the city’s roots. Over the past thirty years, the proportion of inhabitants without a Swiss passport has surged from 22% to 36.5%, reflecting the city’s dynamic economic pulse and its warm embrace of cosmopolitan identities.


Basel is situated right at the crossroads where the borders of Switzerland, France, and Germany come together. This unique location has greatly influenced the city’s identity and character, fostering a blend of cultures, languages, and ideas from these neighboring nations.

Travelling in Basel

A 10-minute drive from EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse, Basel has a strategic proximity to this international French-Swiss airport. This gateway connects the city to over 90 European destinations and beyond, crafting a wide range of global accessibility.

Basel boasts three mainline train stations: Swiss Railway, French Railway, and German Railway.

As you embark on your Swiss odyssey, the country’s intricate railway network unfolds. For train stations and comprehensive links, or are your compasses.




International schools

Basel’s educational structure has an 11-year compulsory schooling, which includes two nursery school years. Following this journey, young minds stand at a crossroads: embarking on an apprenticeship or continuing their educational voyage at a secondary school.

Within a city intertwined with global enterprises, the significance of international schools becomes profound.

However, the landscape of international schools varies, and not all encompass every school year. Therefore, it’s prudent to engage in direct conversation with the Head of the specific school you’re considering.

Here is a list of the international schools in the Basel region:


Public holidays

  • New Year: January 1st
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday & Monday
  • Whit Monday
  • Swiss National Holiday: August 1st
  • “Jeûne Fédéral” (in the Canton of Vaud) is on the Monday following the third Sunday in September
  • Christmas: December 25th