Departure services

Departure & anticipated departure 

The purpose of this program is to help people with departure formalities when leaving the country.

Our Consultants will help employees with the transition back home or to the next location. Lodge Relocation allows the employee to close their experience on a positive note.

Our Destination Consultants help advocate for the assignee and their family to facilitate the return of 100% of the security deposit to save time and money.

Assistance in departure formalities : 

Assistance in departure formalities involves a comprehensive approach to ensure a smooth transition when vacating a property.

This process includes tasks such as lease cancellation, termination of contracts (telephone, internet), pre-exit property inspection, repair assistance if needed, insurance claims for damages, organizing cleaning services, exit inspection with a consultant, aid with bank and real estate agency tasks, and ensuring the return of the escrow deposit.

The goal is to provide thorough support and guidance to tenants, facilitating a seamless departure process and fair handling of all formalities.


In case of an early termination of the lease :

Lode Relocation will look for a new tenant who can afford to take the lease at the same conditions, and will schedule visits accordingly.

We will also follow-up on application files submitted to the real estate agency or the owner and collect the escrow deposit.