Discovery tour

Travel organization

When it comes to travel organization, transparency and client satisfaction are at the heart of our approach.

Working closely with our corporate clients, our skilled back-office team smoothly manages a broad range of services. This includes tasks like booking flights, assisting with rental cars, arranging hotel stays, finding temporary accommodations, and meeting any unique requests you might have. We’re here to take care of every aspect of your travel needs with expertise and care.

Lodge Relocation does not accept any commissions from the suppliers of the services we offer to our clients.


Preview trip

The Preview Trip program is designed to help newcomers get familiar with their upcoming social and geographic surroundings in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Whether it’s half a day, a full day, or even a two-day period, the program involves immersive visits to potential living areas and properties aligned with the preferred criteria.Throughout this excursion, our dedicated consultant will be at your service, addressing inquiries and providing valuable insights while sharing their personal recommendations.

To make your transition smooth, our services include a welcoming package that covers airport, train station, hotel, or office pickups. As we guide you to your new potential surroundings, our expert consultants give you a good overview of different neighborhoods, cultural insights, everyday life tips, and popular shopping spots.

An important part of this journey is introducing you to the local real estate market. Here, you’ll learn about the latest trends and options available. The end result is guided visits to a carefully chosen set of properties that match what you’re looking for in terms of requirements and budget.


Partner program

Building on the Preview Trip program, our focus is on introducing your partner to a wide range of essentials.

We cover everything from insights into daily life and options for daycare centers to access to sports clubs, cultural activities, and shopping centers. Our commitment extends to connecting them with local groups, helping them navigate Kindergarten information, and arranging language classes.

We also understand the importance of a successful job search and provide support in this area. The program is flexible, tailored to individual needs and specific services, guaranteeing that your partner’s integration journey is both comfortable and fulfilling.