Discovery tour

Travel organization

We are here to take care of every aspect of your travel need and your satisfaction is at the heart of our approach!.

Working closely with our corporate clients, our skilled administration team smoothly manages a broad range of services, such as booking flights, assisting with car rental , arranging hotel stays, finding temporary accommodations, and meeting any unique requests.

We select our suppliers on the basis of quality service and do not receive any commission for referrals. 


Preview trip

Your dedicated consultant will help familiarise you and your family with daily life in Switzerland.

Whether it’s half a day, a full day, or even a two-day period, the program involves exploring potential living areas and

visiting some good-fit properties to give you a taste of the local housing market and what you can get for your budget.

You will also get to visit popular shopping spots, leisure hubs, or any places of interest – we tailor your trip according to your lifestyle!

All your questions get answered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while sharing some useful tips!


Partner support program

We are committed to ensuring that your partner feels supported during this challenging transition and are here to help!

We can provide insights into daily life and options for daycare centers , to sports clubs, cultural activities, and shopping centers. Our commitment extends to connecting your spouse with local groups, helping navigate kindergarten information, and arranging language classes.

We also understand the importance of a successful job search and provide support in this area.

The program is flexible, tailored to individual needs and specific services, guaranteeing that your partner’s integration journey is both enjoyable and fulfilling.