Integration to Swiss culture

Intercultural training 

Having a deeper understanding of the Swiss culture will help you and your family have a smoother transition and prepare you for the changes you will experience.

Our in-house trainers will ensure that all of your questions and concerns regarding the Swiss way of life is answered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Adaptive training: our in-house trainers prepare the sessions keeping in mind your interests, previous experience with culture and family situation. The discussion is lively and interactive where funny experiences can be shared and potential fears explored! 

Professional trainers: Our two native English-speaking trainers are also Lodge Relocation consultants who have travelled the same road as you , having arrived as expats and now proud Swiss passport holders!

Fitting in with you: Two 1.5-hour video-conference sessions are planned for each employee and his/her family (preferably prior to final arrival in Switzerland).



Language courses

Based on your needs and budget, we expertly guide you in selecting the ideal course for you, selecting solid and reputable partners.  We check in with you to ensure that your expectations are being met and your language learning if going according to plan!  Your satisfaction is our goal therefore your feedback is essential when referring potential partners as we do not receive a commission from any of our service providers.

We will also incorporate a diligent follow-up to ensure your language learning journey is on track.

Career development management

Lodge has  several partnerships with specialised providers of career services based in Switzerland with international networks.

These  providers are able to support companies and individuals with outplacement and other career management services, including talent placement and career development.