Integration to Swiss culture

Inter cultural training 

An essential element in achieving a seamless integration is to have a deep understanding of the cultural nuances in the host country.

At Lodge Relocation, we have devised an innovative in-house training approach that enables newcomers to acclimate to Switzerland’s “way of life and customs.”

This immersive program delves into the country’s people, history, geography, political structures, and economic systems. With a focus on interactive engagement, our trainers address personal queries, ensuring your integration journey is successful and your adaptation is effortless. Upon request, Lodge Relocation Services offers personalized intercultural training courses, tailored to your specific needs.


Selective training: The trainers prepare the sessions keeping in mind the questionnaire’s answers and adapt the timings of the topics according to interests and present knowledge. Amongst the topics already mentioned above, we talk about shopping, transport, finding accommodation, restaurants and reinforce important points with our quizzes! Questions are encouraged and welcome throughout this interactive session.

Professional trainers: Our two native English-speaking trainers are also Lodge Relocation consultants and are therefore able to understand and respond to the concerns and questions of transferees to Switzerland.

Fitting in with you: Two 1.5-hour video-conference sessions are planned for each employee and his/her family and scheduled according to availability (before or after their arrival in Switzerland).

A questionnaire is sent to each participant before the training to find out more about their interests and knowledge. Keeping the training relevant, fun, informative, and interactive for all individuals is key to its success.


Language courses

At Lodge Relocation, we operate transparently, devoid of any commission, and maintain open collaborations with all our partners. Based on your needs and budget, we expertly guide you in selecting the ideal course. We will also incorporate a diligent follow-up to ensure your language learning journey is on track.


Career development management

Lodge has developed several partnerships with specialised providers of career services. based in Switzerland and internationally through their networks.

These  providers are able to support companies and individuals with outplacement and other career management services, including talent placement and career development.