Neighbouring France

The Canton of Geneva is surrounded by France: the department of “Ain” is located west of Geneva and the department of “Haute-Savoie” is located south and east. These surrounding French areas and communities are referred to as “neighbouring France” (“la France voisine”).

A lot of cross boarder workers live in neighbouring France as rents are lower than in Geneva.

To be a cross border worker, you need to hold a European passport.

Numerous sports can be done in neighbouring France: canoeing, sailing, roller-blading, biking, golf, fishing, skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking and walks.

Pays de Gex

Pays de Gex

  • Gex is an enclave located between the Jura and the plains of the Leman region. Gex is famous for the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the “Haute Chaine du Jura” Nature Reserve, the Voltaire Castle and “Bleu de Gex” cheese.
  • Gex’s population is increasing steadily, with up to over 85’500 people living there today.
  • The 4 most important communes are Ferney-Voltaire, Divonne-les-Bains, Gex and Saint-Genis Pouilly. Their combined respective population is between 6’000 to 10’000.
  • Various bus lines connect Gex to Geneva, lines F, Y, O, T and Z.
  • Website for the communes in Gex:


  • Chablais is located East of Geneva.
  • The main towns are Thonon (population 34’600), Evian (population 8’700), Publier (6’500),  Sciez (5 500) et Douvaine (5 300).
  • The “Portes du Soleil” is a vast French/Swiss ski region: Avoriaz, Les Gets, Morzine, Chatel, and Morgins.
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  • Towards the South and Southeast of Geneva, lies the “Salève” region which boasts several towns:
  • Annemasse (population 34’300), Saint-Julien en Genevois (population (12 600), Gaillard (population 12’000), Reignier (population 7 300), Collonges-sous-Salève (population 4’000), and Archamps (2 700).
  • Annemasse website:


  • There is a direct motorway linking Annecy to Geneva. From north of Annecy to the Bardonnex border, it now only takes 20 minutes to reach Geneva frontier. The town of Annecy is situated between a lake and mountains. It is a very sporty town and has a high quality of life.
  • Its exceptional location and its importance in the sports industry position Annecy as the capital in the outdoor sports domain.
  • Annecy is well-known for its lake (which is one of the cleanest in Europe), the Old Town, the Lake Party (celebrated on the 1st Saturday in August), the International Film Animation Festival, and the Italian Film Festival.
  • Population: the town of Annecy has 54’000 inhabitants and with the surrounding suburbs 148’000.
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