Immigration services

Immigration services

Processing work and residence permits

In order to live in Switzerland you will need to get a work permit and residence permits for you and your family.

The requirements differ depending on your nationality, whether you are part of the European Union (E.U) etc. Lodge can assist you with the application process of your Swiss work permit, and provide you with comprehensive support throughout the entire process.


Our devoted team consists of in-house immigration experts, specialised in dealing with the authorities of their respective cantons. We provide invaluable guidance with your first official steps as a Swiss resident such as City Hall and Biometric registrations.

Our central aim is to streamline communication and optimize the coordination of the relocation process, while offering the convenience of a single point of contact for both transferees and our client companies.

We currently manage manage over 300 permit requests annually throughout Switzerland, including the cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Zurich, Zug, Lugano, and Basel.

There are four main permit options: 

  • permit – Valid for a maximum of one year, with the convenience of automatic renewal for an additional year.
  • B permit – Designed for the long term, this permit extends for 5 years.
  • G permit – Tailored for cross-border workers.
  • C permit – Long- term residency.

Advice and support

Our goal is to facilitate your smooth transition with clear communication, prompt and thorough responses and regular updates throughout the process.