“It is hard for me to find the words to properly express my most sincere gratitude for the support you provided during my relocation.
Without your keen advice and patience I would have never had such satisfaction to find a place to call home.
Your kindness and service orientation would make me go through the process all over again, just to have the same experience I had working with you.
Furthermore, I would kindly ask you to please share my words with your manager”

I.S. Geneva

“I would like to express how happy we were to work with you and your company.
We got a lovely flat at a very good location and very good price.
Thank you very much for the 1st class service rendered during the process of search and until the signing of the contract, which took place today”

J.B. Lausanne

“…It was entirely evident that our consultant had fully listened to our wants and needs in relation to accommodation..
She also managed to bring each of the villages that we visited to life, painting a picture of what it could be like to live there, built on her local knowledge, combined with an understanding of our needs/interests. This ‘picture’, for Nyon, has proven to be entirely realistic and practical – for example, we have enrolled the children in activities that she recommended, and already her recommendations have proven to be spot-on…
Throughout the whole process, she has been organised, resourceful, thoughtful, and constantly available to answer questions and provide advice.
We are in no doubt that the support she provides goes well above and beyond the call of duty. She provides a fantastic safety net for the relocator, who can fully trust her advice and judgement.
Overall, we can heartily recommend Lodge Relocation to anyone else wanting top class relocation support in this area of Vaud”

M.S. Nyon


“Again I would like to express my gratitude to you for always being so kind, receptive and patient”

A.D. Geneva

“You are the best! Thanks so much for your help and support!”

S.N. Nyon


“I want to take this opportunity to provide you with our feedback regarding the service provided by our consultant. The communication from her side was amazing and she was professionally proactive in answering our questions during the search of the apartment as well as the completion of some bureaucratic procedures.
She gave us useful tips and advice when we needed. She was of great support and was very flexible on meeting our time schedule constraints.
Her kindness makes newcomers, like us, feel welcome and peaceful during the relocation process. Overall I should say it was a pleasure working with her!”

J.C. Aubonne

“I just meant to write a short e-mail to highlight the outstanding quality of work and assistance delivered by my consultant. She has been a real asset for me with her continuous availability, kindness, professionalism, punctuality and above all patience.
Sincere congratulations for the work she and your team deliver, keep up the excellent work”

V.T. Geneva

“Thank you for your efforts, above and beyond expectations. You have not only found me a great apartment, you helped as well in the communication with the regie when we experienced some issues (electricity / plumbing).
I am very happy and I would recommend Lodge Relocation to any other individual moving to Switzerland.”

S.D. Geneva


“Thanks to Lodge for the support that we have received for our relocation to Switzerland.
Our consultant has been fantastic in all aspects of the move, we couldn’t have asked for a more helpful advisor. We are delighted with the apartment that she found for us, especially as we had some specific requirements which probably didn’t help the search! All the administrative aspects of the move such as leases, bank accounts and work permits have gone very smoothly with her help. I know from previous relocations to other countries that this is something that does not happen by accident!”

A.N. Lausanne


“Thank you so much!
You’ve been fantastic this week, great job.
We are excited about our new home”

J.T. Geneva

“I sincerely thank you for all the effort, professionalism and kindness”

M.O. Nyon

“Thank you for your help, I have been very pleased with your high sense of service and professionalism, while spending time with a very nice human being.
I think our company need to keep such good persons that serve us with great sense of perfection”

S.T. Lausanne

Overall 8/8
“They were brilliant from start to finish”

N.T. Geneva

Overall 8/8
“Our consultant was really amazing!”

R.J. Geneva


“It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, we thank you for helping us to discover the beautiful city of Lausanne. We are glad to have someone very knowledgeable and helpful like you to accompany us during our exploratory trip.”

A.W. Lausanne